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Faith Is The Key To Heaven

Saturday in the Third Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

All week now our gospel readings have dealt with what Jesus said to the people in a synagogue in Capernaum. He was trying to teach them about the real bread of life. It was not the bread, the manna, given to the people by Moses in the desert. It is the bread sent by God from heaven. The bread of life is Jesus Christ himself. We must eat his body and drink his blood.

How can anyone take this sort of talk seriously?” the people asked. Even many of his disciples thought that what he said was not only absurd but obnoxious, and they turned around and walked away from him. Jesus asked the twelve apostles if they too wanted to leave him? Peter spoke up for all of them: “You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe; we are convinced that you are God’s holy one.”

Did the apostles understand what Jesus had been talking about? I doubt that they even began to understand it until Jesus took bread and wine at the Last Supper and said “This is my Body, This is the cup of my Blood, take and eat, take and drink.” They had believed in him and his words even when they did not understand.

Are we not expected to do the same?

There are things Jesus taught that we might never understand, there are things that happen in our world that we might always wonder why God permits them. We are to believe anyhow, we are to trust.

Faith is the key to our salvation. Don’t lose yours.

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