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Memorial of Saint John Vianney, Priest

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus is always trying to make us aware that faith is essential for good things to happen in our lives. Without faith, we are going to miss a lot here and in eternity. And so, it is necessary for us to work on our faith every day. That’s not easy.

To grow in any way, we must stretch our limits. The muscle men and women progress as they lift heavier and heavier weights. Once they stop trying to lift heavier ones, they stay where they are or go downhill. The same with our minds. Continue to give ourselves mysteries to solve, difficult teachings to digest and our minds not only stay active but sharpen. Quit studying, reading, analyzing and our minds grow sluggish, eventually maybe even incapable of operating on an acceptable level.

Your faith needs to be tested beyond where you now stand. The teachings of Jesus that you seldom try to live need to be tried out. You need to learn that what he says is right and true and meant for you. As you discover this, your faith in him grows stronger.

Turn the other cheek, treat your enemies well, share your material goods and your talents with others, be patient at all times — these and many other teachings of Jesus need to be tried and practiced much more often. In doing that our faith develops.

Try new things every day, stretch the limits of your good habits. By the time your entrance day into eternity rolls around, you will be ready. Your faith will be strong enough for that final miracle. You will see and live with God.

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