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We Must Take A Risk

My dear encountered couples:

Taking a risk and being plagued by doubts are part of the process of our salvation. We should pray before doing anything of importance, but though we get no clear answer we must decide on something. If we wait for a spoken or written word from God as to what to do, we could wait till our time runs out.

We are to pray for direction, then do what we think best. We must take a risk.

Then when doubts arise from difficulties and problems we didn’t anticipate, we must keep our faith and trust and attention on Christ. If we don’t we are lost.

That’s what happened to Peter (in today’s gospel reading) even though he was fortunate to hear with his ears an audible answer to his question.

Jesus came walking on water. “Is that you, Lord?” Peter asked. “If it is, tell me to come to you.” “Yes, it is I, Peter. Come!

Even with absolute assurance from the mouth of Jesus, Peter lost his nerve and began to drown. Why? He took his faith, trust and attention off Christ and placed them in himself alone. Never do that.

By ourselves we drown, with Christ we walk on water.

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