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Seed Need Growing Room

Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest

Scriptural Readings: 1 Timothy 6:13-16; Psalms 100:1b-2, 3, 4, 5; Luke 8:4-15

My dear encountered couples:

The Church brings our attention again to this parable of the farmer who sowed seeds, some of which took root and grew, much of which fell in places where it was unable to grow. The seed is likened to the Word of God which is found in the Bible and comes to us in many other ways - like preaching. Apparently, this is an important parable and we should give it a lot of thought - often!

I think many of us might find ourselves identifying with the seed that falls among briers and doesn’t have room enough to grow. We are told these are the people who hear the word of God, but because of so many cares in life, along with riches and pleasures, the word never develops, never grows, never matures. It is easily and quickly forgotten because there are so many other things to grab our time and attention.

We all do have to make a living. With costs as high as they are, most everyone has to get at least a part time job to earn some money. Then there is still the work of taking care of the home and children. Those are the cares the parable speaks of. We then are quite tempted to use any free time we find to just relax and enjoy — those are the riches, so to speak, and the pleasures. The Word of God just doesn’t find much room to fit into our busy schedule. And therefore, it doesn’t take root in our hearts; it doesn’t become the foundation of our lives.

And that’s bad. We are the losers. Let us not allow this situation to continue. God and his Word are more important than anything. Let us not only listen to it. Let us learn to live it.


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