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A Lamp Of God

Monday of the Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

I am sure most of you have shopped at least once in your life for a lamp. There are all kinds and all prices. From Wall-Mart specials to Macy’s originals there are lamps for everyone. Some might be prettier to look at but basically, they all do the same thing - they provide light. They make it possible for us to see what is around us and to read, they bring out the surrounding colors that we would not be able to enjoy if the lamp didn’t do its job. Without a good bulb, though, and a source of electricity I’m afraid all the lamp would do is just sit there, or hang there on the wall. We would find ourselves still enveloped in darkness.

Jesus compares us to lamps. We are supposed to help people see the truth of God and the love of God that is in their lives. Some of us, like lamps, are extra good to look at, some of us aren’t. Some of us are adorned with jewels, some of us are plain. And some of us take up more space than others. (I could have left that remark unsaid.) But all of us are to do more than sit there; we are supposed to shine forth God’s goodness for the world to see.

It makes no difference whether we are rich or poor, our color and nationality don’t matter either. Even a diploma of education is not required. There are, however, two things that are very necessary. We have to have a bulb - that’s a willing soul; and we need a source of power - that’s the Holy Spirit. As long as you are willing to do God’s will and help people, the Holy Spirit is within you to give you the continuing energy to do it. Anybody can become a workable lamp for God. We just need to be human, willing, and connected to the Holy Spirit. I think you and I can manage that. What do you think?

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