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Someone To Watch Over Me

Memorial of the Guardian Angels

My dear encountered couples:

One of the teachings of the Church is that “Every one of the faithful has his and her own special guardian angel from baptism.” This is not a teaching that we absolutely must believe in order to be saved as are the De Fide pronounced teachings of the popes, but one taught with great authority by the Church. It is based especially on today’s gospel passage where Jesus states, “See that you never despise one of these little ones. I assure you, their angels in heaven constantly behold my heavenly Father’s face.”

Actually, during the many centuries of the Church it is a general teaching of theologians that not only the faithful, not only the baptized people, but every person, even unbelievers, has a guardian angel. St. Gregory the Wonder Worker and St. Jerome both believed that every person from birth has his and her own special angel to help with protection and guidance.

What you accept on this matter is up to you. But today the Church honors these Guardian Angels with a feast. The Church thanks them and asks them to continue helping us. I imagine they are extremely grateful to God for being asked by him to assist in his many works of love.

There are some who believe that every town, village, city, and country has its own guardian angel. Might sound a bit too organized, but wouldn’t that be just like God to create someone to watch over us?

No one knows like God does how much we are in need of protection, especially from ourselves. Let us be grateful!

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