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Correcting Ourselves

Memorial of Saints John de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues, Priests, and Companions, Martyrs

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus didn’t seem to know when to shut up. Yesterday he was telling off the Pharisees and lawyers and we find him still at it today. Of course, it is just a continuation of the same scolding.

What effect did it have on them? Made them angrier. They were going to get even with Jesus if it was the last thing they did.

We don’t usually hear fire and brimstone sermons anymore. But maybe an occasional one would do us good. Sometimes sweetness and loving words go over our heads and we remain blind to the reality of our own personalities and character.

So, we need a good shake by someone. Too bad Jesus isn’t around in person to do it. But would we listen to him any more than we would to anyone else?

The lawyers and Pharisees don’t seem to have done so. They didn’t realize how fortunate they were to get it straight from God Himself. We should be so lucky. We really do not get told off very often, if at all, by a person who truly loves us and is looking out for our interests.

Friends usually don’t want to make waves and are therefore the last ones to think of shaking us awake to reality. Priests don’t rave and rant like they used to, and most of us are moved far away from our parents. If a husband or wife speaks up, it is at their own risk. So, we will have to correct ourselves. Let’s get to it.

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