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Notice The Sign

Friday in the 34th Week of Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Thanksgiving has passed, the Christmas shopping season is officially open, the Church will tell us Sunday to prepare spiritually for the coming of Christ; it will be the First Sunday of Advent. What are our Scripture readings concerned with? THE END OF THE WORLD! Now why would anyone want to think of the end of the world at a time like this? Isn’t Christmas meant to give us happy thoughts? Or should we think of it as a sign?

Notice the fig tree,” Jesus tells his disciples, “or any other tree. You observe them when they are budding and know for yourselves that summer is near. Likewise when you see all the things happening of which I speak, know that the reign of God is near.” Jesus had been speaking of signs that would point to the end of the world.

Christmas, as you and I know, is not to be just a memorial of a past historical fact, but a sign of a future guarantee. Jesus Christ is coming again, and we are being told to be ready for him. All our prayers and Masses and efforts at living a Christ-like life are meant to prepare us to meet Christ. Though you and I are as busy about many worldly things as are other people, we try to spiritualize everything. We try to discern the will of God, we try to see Christ in everyone, we try to live up to his teachings. Not easy; we have desires in us that tempt us to do otherwise. And sometimes we do otherwise. We sin! That’s why Jesus came the first time – to save us from our sins. When he comes the second time it will be so that we can experience that salvation.

Keep believing, keep trying, Christmas is a sign that the end is approaching. Or rather, the BEGINNING for all those who believe in God and show their love for him.

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