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Together We Can Work It Out

Monday of the Third Week of Advent

My dear encountered couples:

Some people begin their marriage with problems. Either they work them out together as well as they can, or they let them ruin their marriage.

Joseph and Mary certainly had a problem. Mary was “with child” before the wedding day, and the explanation was one that she didn’t figure anyone would be too quick to believe. Fortunately, God worked it so that Joseph would come upon the truth in a dream. We are told an angel appeared to him and cleared things up. Wouldn’t it be nice if our dilemmas could be worked out so well! All my dreams seem to tell me is that I shouldn’t have eaten that cheesecake before I went to bed.

Whether problems begin before marriage, in the early days of marriage, or later on, we can be sure that problems will sooner or later arise. And they will have to be dealt with in one way or another. Both people must deal with them.

Joseph and Mary seemed to have always sought to find out God’s will and then make their decisions. They probably prayed over things, talked them over, and then made a decision - TOGETHER! Since marriage is two into one, problems must be worked out together. Your problems become mine and mine become yours. But never decide without God in on the decision.

Actually, marriage isn’t merely two into one; it is three. You, your spouse, and God. Keep it that way.

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