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Yes, They Do

Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent

My dear encountered couples:

A young girl becomes with child without love making. An old woman, far past childbearing years, enters into her sixth month. Sounds like two candidates for Ripley’s “Believe it or Not.” Some fantastic things happened back in biblical days, didn’t they? Why don’t they happen anymore?

Who said they don’t? If we keep our eyes open, we will see evident signs of God’s intervention. The end of Russian communism, the fall of the Berlin wall, freedom in Poland and the Baltic countries immediately come to mind. Powerful, unjust governments have toppled all over the world since the first one was established. Who do you think brings that about? People lead people into slavery; God leads them out. The devil tries to steal souls every day; and every day Jesus forces him to let go. Miracles are happening all the time.

Isn’t Christmas a miracle? Take a look at the many people who are nicer to each other at Christmas time. Relatives who never speak to one another at any other time of the year sit down at table and sup together. Families who can’t afford a turkey dinner or gifts for their children experience love of neighbor in action. Children who never heard of Christ receive toys delivered by his helpers. A new year is given us every year, so we can wipe our slate clean and start all over.

Many things happen all year round that are as miraculous as biblical times. Isn’t love shown to others a miracle? That’s something you and I might be able to make happen when we find somebody who thinks miracles don’t happen anymore.

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