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The Necessities Of Life

Tuesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus told them to give her something to eat.” Jesus told the family of the little girl he had just brought back to life to give her something to eat. Eating is a sign of life, a sign of health. It means we aren’t dead yet. Jesus wanted to assure the people that the little girl was now among the living. And for her to stay among the living it was necessary for her to eat.

There are many ways to eat. You and I use spoons and forks, at least I do. Some people eat right off their knives. That takes practice. Many people eat with chopsticks. If some of us try that we might starve to death. But we all at some time or other eat with our fingers. How else could we eat potato chips and popcorn? Certain people because of physical disabilities just lean over and eat.

We all must eat but not only to keep our bodies operating. We also must eat to keep our souls operating. We all need a means to help us get God’s spiritual food into our souls.

The main means of doing that we call “prayer.” Through prayer we open the mouths of our souls and in goes God’s food which we must have in order to keep our souls healthy.

There are actually more ways of praying than there are for eating. The important thing is that we do both. Those who go without food and prayer will find themselves in a very bad situation. Never let that be you. Now, let us pray and eat.

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