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We Become What We Do

Monday of the First Week of Lent

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus tells us our eternity will depend upon how we treat people here and now. For what we do to and for others makes its impression upon our characters. When you share what you have with others — your food, your clothing, your home, your talents, your time, yourself — you will grow much more caring and loving than you already might be. You will become holy like God is holy. For you are allowing God to live in you and work through you. His goodness comes out in you for others to benefit from, while at the same time transforming you into that special type of person with the likeness of Christ who can feel at home in heaven.

But if you look the other way when someone needs you, if your main purpose in life is to seek out your own comfort and peace while ignoring those who have very little of either, you will gradually become more hard—hearted than you already are. You will become blind to the misery of others, you will become deaf to their requests. Not only will God and goodness be stifled in you, but God will be driven out and away from you — for all eternity.

Your life is not for the pursuit of the objects of selfish desires. Your life is not meant to be a struggle for you to obtain all you need to live comfortably and secure in the midst of material wealth and conveniences. Your life is for you to live as God Himself lives; and that is to look after the needs of others as long as any needs exist in the lives of anyone. How you live in regard to others is what you become forever — a product of heaven or a product of hell.

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