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Now Why Did I Do That?

Monday of the Second Week in Lent

My dear encountered couples:

It’s so hard not to judge. We do it automatically. In fact, it is so much a part of human nature that it is impossible not to make judgments. We judge everything and everyone all day long.

That is not what Jesus is telling us to stop. He is telling us not to let those judgments lead to condemnation of others. We are to remember we seldom have all the facts. He wants us to be compassionate and merciful as he is with us.

We’ve all sinned. But I’ll bet you can think of a lot of reasons that lead you into sinning, can’t you? You can come up with all sorts of excuses. Some may be good, and others might not hold water. God knows all the reasons and circumstances that led up to the sinful action you choose to do. Only God, no human, not even you know all the reasons why you do what you do. He alone has all the facts. Therefore, God alone is capable of judging you fairly. We should remember that when we are tempted to condemn others. We never know all the facts.

But even with all the facts, and even when we are totally guilty, God is compassionate. He forgives us, offers us another chance — not once but a trillion times — and loves us passionately. That is what we must do. Or, at least, try to do.

When you find you can’t, admit your incapability and ask God to be compassionate, forgiving, and loving in you. That is the only answer, the only way for Christians, the only way for you.

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