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Who, What Where Am I?

Saturday of the Third Week of Lent

My dear encountered couples:

The Pharisee did not see himself as he was. The tax collector did. One was overly proud, the other truly humble. One was blind to the facts, the other viewed reality. We must face reality.

Facing the truth of what we are is not easy. To even find out what we are is not easy. For to see ourselves in true light is as difficult as seeing the forest when we are in the center of it surrounded by trees. We need to step back and look at ourselves from the viewpoint of God, as someone looking at us from eternity.

When we look back in history at the lives of people, assuming we have all the facts, we think we can judge the value of their actions. We can see what good the person really did, what damage, and all the things that were a big waste of time. It might help to look at yourself that way.

Pretend that your life has passed. As far as earth is concerned, you are history. Step out of yourself, look at yourself from the eyes of another person. You are looking at all your own thoughts, intentions, and actions. What do you see? How would you judge them? Are some good, some bad, some a real waste of time?

Now, do this with God’s eyes, using his principles, seeing yourself according to the standard of his values. This should give you some measure of accurate knowledge of yourself, so you can make an appraisal.

Fortunately, you are not history yet. You have time to improve, lots of time I hope, but when, we never know.

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