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Faith Is A Free Gift From God

Monday of the Fourth Week of Lent

My dear encountered couples:

Every day, the power of God is ready to burst forth in the lives of all who believe! The question we should ask ourselves, then, is whether we have the faith to believe in the words God has already spoken to us and in his promises to bring us into his kingdom. Do you believe that this could be the day of deliverance you have longed for—the hour you prayed for but perhaps were never really confident would come? Imagine: One word from Jesus, and the official at Capernaum walked away believing, and his son was healed.

Scripture tells us that faith is a free gift from God. But as free as faith is, the decision to act upon that faith rests with us. We don’t know how long the Lord had prepared this royal official before he believed. It may be that he believed instantly, or it may be that his belief came slowly after having witnessed other miracles of Jesus, such as his turning water into wine or multiplying the loaves and fishes. Whatever the case, at some point, this man turned to Jesus and laid his burden before him in trust and humility.

Have you sought the Lord? Have you laid your heart before him? Do you believe that the Lord and Savior of all the world is living within you and wants to work powerfully through you today? This is the day of salvation! Now is the time to receive and believe! Turn to God today and ask in faith.

What words in Scripture have had the most impact on your life? Go to one of these passages now, read it over again, and profess your faith in the promises that God makes in this passage. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to you more deeply so that you might embrace his will for you and receive his power today. Fan into flame the gift that is already alive within you! Then, as God’s word pierces your heart, take that crucial step to act in faith on his instruction as you go forth as his witness to others.

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