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Joseph, Husband Of Mary

Solemnity of Saint Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

My dear encountered couples:

One thing sure about marriage. Not going to be like expected. It certainly wasn’t for Joseph, who probably had looked forward to a nice, peaceful life in Nazareth with Mary and any children they would have, all supported by his carpentry business. But Joseph wasn’t blind. He saw how other marriages went. They all had problems. But he and Mary loved each other so much they would certainly together, and with God’s help, be able to work them out. He was right. They did work them out. But such problems he had never imagined. Quiet little Mary really changed his life.

Even before the wedding she somehow came up being “with child.” How that happened was incomprehensible. Mary wasn’t the type. She was too good. But this sure was embarrassing. Somehow, Joseph got the picture in focus. We’re told an angel did it - in a dream. And then he went ahead and married Mary. Wouldn’t it be nice if your problems could be solved with a good night’s sleep!

People, who are what we call “open” to God, are in a position like Joseph to get God’s messages with or without the services of an angel, and whether asleep or awake. Those who are what we call “closed” are not.

If you are a prayerful person (and you appear to be), if God’s will is really important to you (and I believe it is), God sort of “whispers” in your ear. He gives you thoughts, ideas, desires and motivations. We call them “inspirations,” or “Divine Breathings” into your mind.

Joseph got them; Mary got them; you get them too! It takes faith to believe. I think you’ve got that too. May your faith grow stronger every day. May God be able to help you with your problems and get you through them. Also ask Joseph for a bit of help. He’s an expert at problem solving.

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