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May All Our Visits Be Blessed

Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Mary to Elizabeth

Scriptural Readings: Zephaniah 3:14-18a or Romans 12:9-16; Isaiah 12:2-3, 4bcd, 5-6; Luke 1:39-56

My dear encountered couples:

Today we remember Mary’s visit to Elizabeth, which seems to have been a joyful occasion for both. Mary had just become “with child” by the Holy Spirit; Elizabeth in her old age had just three months to go before giving birth to her gift from God. I’ll bet they had a lot of things to talk about - a lot of woman things and mother things. Isn’t it wonderful to spend time with someone we have so much in common with! This summer some of us might be doing just that.

Summers are times when many people visit favorite relatives and friends. They have a lot of news to catch up on, lots of things they want to do together. And for a week or two, or three, they are given that gift from God. Being with those we love and enjoy is just that - a special gift from God. If that is a gift some of us receive this summer I hope we appreciate it and use it well.

I imagine that Mary went to be with her cousin Elizabeth not just for her own needs and enjoyment but to make life easier and more pleasant for Elizabeth during her final trimester. And that Elizabeth did all she could to make Mary’s stay comforting and beneficial. We can be sure Mary needed to be with a good friend and hear the right words of encouragement now that she was with child in a very mysterious way - a way that was going to be hard to explain to her parents and neighbors, not to mention what a surprise it would be to Joseph. Mary and Elizabeth needed each other. And they were willing to give of themselves what each other needed.

The people we visit, the people we spend our free time with have needs. Like us they are looking for a break in the routine, they need relaxation, good company, some pleasant conversation, and a few laughs. Maybe we and they could use some wise words of advice to help us through another year.

Let us be careful not to use our visits with others, selfishly, but for their benefit and enjoyment as well as our own. Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth and they both benefited much because they gave of themselves to one other. May all our visits be as blessed!


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