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Saturday in the 21st Week of Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Some people seem to have many talents and abilities, others one or two. We must all find out what capabilities God has gifted us with, develop them, and use them. By discovering our talents we can get a pretty good idea of what it is God wants us to do in this world. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Know yourself, your strong points, and use them. But for some it isn’t that simple. There are people well up in their years that have not yet discovered what their abilities and talents are.

They have taken aptitude tests, tried all sorts of jobs, sampled this and that, even majored in a few things, but can’t seem to find anything they feel comfortable with or make a career out of. Though they pray over what it is God wants them to do, though they are willing to do just about anything, they feel inept, unsuited, without talent of any kind.

One of the men in our parable was aware of the one talent he had, but he was afraid to use it; so he went and buried it. The people I’m talking about don’t think they have a talent to use or bury. What are they to do?

Maybe this is all part of God’s plan of salvation for them. Instead of depending upon their talents for a living, they have to depend more upon God. As Paul says, “Let him who would boast, boast in the Lord.”

The seemingly talentless must seek in God what they can’t find in themselves. When they do that, their faith becomes strong, other people notice and are strengthened by their example. Blessed are those who find themselves low on talent but high in trust of God, the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

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