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Wednesday of the Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

When we are cured of our illnesses, who do we give the credit to? Our doctors and nurses, the medicine we take, or the natural supplements? I hope so. For all these in their own ways can help do the trick. Whoever and whatever helps to make us feel better should always get our thanks and praise. But how about God? Shouldn’t he get at least a grateful glance from our hearts?

In our gospel today Jesus is trying to let us know the root source of all our cures. It is he himself and his Father. No cure, physical or spiritual, ever takes place without God making it happen. Jesus not only brought back to health people like Peter’s mother-in-law and all the others who were brought to him at Peter’s house, he and his Father are the cause of cures for everybody in the world from the beginning of time to the end.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Jesus would come back to visit all our hospitals, all our nursing homes, every place where the sick are found, especially in our own homes, and cure us all? Yes, it most certainly would be wonderful. But that is not the way God works. Instead, he shares his ability to cure with men and women we call doctors and nurses and mothers, he puts his miraculous powers in what we call medicine and vitamins and food supplements.

God in many different ways makes house calls everywhere on earth caring for each and every one of our ills. When he knows it’s best for us not to be cured, at least not right away, he gives us the strength to bear whatever it is we have. In ways not understood by us, our illnesses can be used by God to ready us for heaven.

This is the point I see Jesus making today: When we are healed of anything, it is God who does it. Let us remember to thank him.

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