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Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

My dear encountered couples:

“At the cross her station keeping, stood the mournful Mother weeping, close to Jesus to the last.” Today the Church recalls for us the sorrows of Mary. How bitter it must have been for her when she stood beneath the cross and suffered right along with her Son. Maybe only mothers can understand the extent.

But today also, Mary is in heaven. We recall her sorrows on earth, but they are over, she is now happy, joyful, and elated with all the other saints and angels. Jesus is in all his glory beside her. Needless to say, heaven is out of this world. Meaning it cannot be compared with anything we ever experience on earth. Just take the word of Jesus how wonderful it is, expect the best of the best, and you will not be disappointed when you get there.

However, if Mary is so happy now, why is it that she often seems sad when she appears to someone? Though Mary has not made her presence visible to me, her apparitions and messages to people that I’ve heard about always seem like doom and gloom. She might have a smile on her face, be dressed in the bluebird of happiness color, but she appears sad and forecasts sad things to come unless people shape up. How can Mary be sad when she’s in heaven? Good question! The answer is:

When Mary thinks of her other children still undergoing the stresses and pains of life, it touches her heart. Mary did not only have one child, you know, she has had billions. And we are among them. When she sees us, she sees Jesus suffering on that cross, lying dead in her lap. Our Lady of Sorrows is enjoying the paradise she deserves, but until we are all nestled there with her, her joy will not be complete. Meanwhile, at the cross her station keeping still stands the mournful mother weeping - for us. Let us try to be good kids and spare Mary as much grief as we can.

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