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Tuesday of the 24th week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

This young man was dead; Jesus brought him back to life. We expect that his soul left his body and then returned. What did he experience in between? Was it similar to the experiences of people today who have been declared dead by their doctors, only to come back to life soon after? They describe to us their experience. Wouldn’t we suppose the proof of their truthfulness lies mainly in the lives they live after they are resurrected?

We are much more apt to believe what such people tell us about their near-death experiences when we see an improvement in them over the following years. If happened what they say happened, we would expect it to have a profound effect on them. Their values, their priorities, their standards we would expect to become of higher quality than before. They would become like lights shining in the darkness. But isn’t that what is expected of all who call themselves Christian? Isn’t more expected of Catholics and Christians than those who aren’t?

Our values, both family and personal, should be like those of Christ. Our standards of behavior should conform to his teachings. Our treatment of people should be admirable. In short, much more is expected of us who believe in God and Christ than in those who don’t.

The young man who had died was raised up by Jesus and returned to his mother. Did he try to make himself a better son, a better person than he was before? The answer to that question we don’t really know. We have given ourselves into the hands of Christ freely and willingly. Are we better people because of that? The answer to that question we do know.

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