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Tuesday of the Second Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus continues his conversation with Nicodemus begun yesterday in our gospel reading. And as yesterday Nicodemus was puzzled by what Jesus was saying about being born again, he continues to be puzzled about what Jesus says about the Holy Spirit, about someone going up and down from heaven, and about the Son of Man being lifted up as Moses lifted the serpent in the desert. It all probably sounded like a litany of riddles to Nicodemus, or the babblings of a crazy man. Much of it maybe does to us too.

But because we are on this side of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are better equipped to understand much more of it than Nicodemus did. As I said yesterday, the words and actions of Jesus can only be understood properly when we look at all of them in light of his death and resurrection. By reading the last chapter in the life of Jesus we can begin to understand the previous ones. How about the last chapter in our lives?

There are many things in our lives that leave us wondering why. “Why am I sick, why was I fired from my job, why did my mother and father have to die so soon, why do I never have enough money, why can’t I find anybody to love me, why can’t I get the car started?” There are so many questions we have.

The answers won’t be clear until we have arrived at the final chapter of our lives. When we know the ending the reasons for the rest will make sense. Until then, like Nicodemus and the others before Jesus died and rose, we will have to take all he says on faith and trust that there is a reason for everything that happens to us. Hang in there, God has it all planned out for your best.​

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