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Memorial of St. Benedict, Abbot

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus sent his disciples out to preach and gave them instructions how he wanted them to do it. In each town they entered they were to look for a worthy citizen and stay at his house. And he told them, “As you enter his home, bless it.”

Ever think of doing that? When you are invited to dinner or a party at someone’s house, or when you stop by to visit for any reason whatsoever, have you ever thought of blessing the house as you enter? It doesn’t have to be done out loud, you can do it in secret. Just a little, silent prayer asking God’s blessing upon the house and upon all the people who live there.

“Oh God, please bless this house and its people. May your protection and presence always be here with them. Give them good health and happiness.” You can make up any little personal prayer of your own, whatever you think is most appropriate for the needs of those who live there.

And don’t forget to bless your own house. Whenever you enter, whenever you leave, just say a few words that place it and those you live with in the hands of God.

“As you enter his home,” Jesus told his disciples, “bless it.” Good advice! Let’s do it!

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