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Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene

Scripture Readings: Song of Songs 3:1-4B; Psalms 63:2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9; John 20:1-2, 11-18

My dear encountered couples:

Mary Magdalene loved Jesus. There is no doubt about that. He was always on her mind. When he had died, she was not only left feeling alone, it made her frightened. She had become dependent on him. He was her strength, her protector, and her best friend who always knew what to say when she needed to hear good things said.

Jesus had shown Mary a better way of life than she had been leading before, his friendship and words of encouragement helped keep her from returning to it. What was she going to do now that he was dead, even his body was gone from the tomb?

She needed him to lean on, she needed to know he was somewhere near her. Not knowing what to do she went back to the empty tomb where she just sat down and cried. That’s what she was doing when suddenly Jesus appeared to her and made the sun shine in her life again.

Do we love Jesus that much? Do we love Jesus like Mary Magdalene did? How much is he on our minds?

Our love for Jesus might be indicated by how much we think of him, but more so by how often and how hard we try to do his will. To know what he wants of us we, like Mary, need him to tell us, and then give us courage to do it. We need to feel his presence, see his face, and hear his voice.

How can that possibly ever happen? Take time to sit and think of Jesus. If you love him - it will happen.


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