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Memorial of St. Martha

My dear encountered couples:

Martha again. Just read about Martha last Sunday - the patron saint of hostesses and workaholics — busy about many things. That makes her sound like the patron saint of modern times. Nearly all of us are busy about many things. And no matter how much we do, we not only never get caught up, we end up with more to do.

Do you suppose Martha ever sat down like Mary — at the foot of Jesus? Do you suppose she ever took time out from her hospitality preparations and housework to ponder what life is all about? To discover any hidden meanings in the great rat race of life? I feel sure she did. Because it is not just Martha, Martha we are talking about. It is Saint Martha, Saint Martha who is being honored on her feast today by the Church throughout the world.

Martha was not forgotten in her kitchen; she was not put in the closet with her brooms. She has been placed on a pedestal for all of us to look up to and imitate. She has been placed in a position where all of us can go for help.

Martha must have finally taken a lot of time out to sit at the feet of Christ or she wouldn’t have become a saint. We who are overly busy must do that also. Then get back to the kitchen and get our lives cookin’ with the Spirit of God. St. Martha, pray for us!

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