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Wednesday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Sometimes we might think our prayers are not heard. God is not deaf. He hears every thought that goes through your mind. He also knows how sincere those thoughts and requests are. He knows how much you believe in him and whether it will be good for you or not if he permits what you ask.

When God knows that by not answering our prayers exactly as we petition him, or when he lets us go on asking and asking for many a year, it is because he wants us to have something better either in place of or along with what we are asking for.

This Canaanite woman did not immediately get her request. She had to keep at it. Then, when Jesus saw she was ready, he granted it. What he was doing was giving her the opportunity of growing in faith while she was expressing it through her prayers. She came out in the end with more than she had looked for – stronger faith in Jesus as well as the cure of her daughter.

So, my advice to you in your prayers: Hang in there! God hears you. And he is already answering your needs that you are not even aware that you have. Your trust in him needs to grow. Let him bring that about in whatever way he has in mind. He only wants the best for you.

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