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My dear encountered couples:

I think the disciples had a sense of humor. “If there is no reason for allowing divorce, it is better not to marry.” That’s the way they thought. Most seem to think that way today. The Pharisees asked, “May a man divorce his wife for any reason whatever?” They were seeking at least one reason that permits divorce. Today it is the other way around, “Is there any reason that doesn’t permit divorce?” For any change of mind or whim of feeling seems to be reason enough for men and women to divorce one another.

Life can be difficult, even unbearable in or out of the married state. It is how we deal with the difficulties that form our characters. When we avoid all problems by running away from them, we remain babies. By meeting them head-on, we can mature towards adulthood. It depends a lot on how we view our life on earth.

As Christians we realize that life here is a preparation for life in eternity. It is like we are to spend years in Mother Earth’s womb before being born into the real and lasting life in heaven. Our lives on earth are to form us and give us growth in love and knowledge and wisdom. Confronting difficulties seems to be what we need to do in order to achieve this growth. Running away from them, divorcing ourselves from life’s troubles, acting like we are to have complete comfort and ease on this earth, does nothing but corrode our characters and retard our maturity.

Try to remember. God is with you to give you his courage and strength. Rely on him. Then face your problems and give your all.

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