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Memorial of Saint Bernard, Abbot and Doctor of the Church

My dear encountered couples:

We find that we have within us the desire to possess many things, things that will make life comfortable and easy, things that will make us important and admired. But as we accumulate, as our possessions grow in number, we find that all we have requires care. Our time and attention to it all is needed so that we not only don’t lose it, but also that we invest it wisely so it will grow. The more one has, the more work it takes to manage it.

A camel loaded with baggage needs to be watched so none of it falls off. The riches we possess need to be watched so they are not lost nor squandered.

The more a person has, the more he has to look after. And often as a consequence, the less time one has for God. Jesus does not say it is impossible for a rich man to enter heaven. He just says it is extremely difficult. To properly possess things, to learn to use them as God wills for the benefit of many people, not allowing ourselves to become dependent on them is not easy. For the riches can begin to replace God in our minds and hearts.

Anything you have, even if it is very little, look upon it as belonging to God but loaned to you for a period of time. You are to use it under his direction and for his purposes. Remember that someday it will be passed on to someone else to use and care for. When that day comes, you will receive totally and forever the riches that you really and truly want - God Himself.

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