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Memorial of Saint Peter Claver, Priest

Scripture Readings: Colossians 1:24-2:3; Psalms 62:6-7, 9; Luke 6:6-11

My dear encountered couples:

Sometimes laws interfere with doing good. That’s what Jesus was trying to tell the scribes and Pharisees. And it is at those times that an exception to the law is to be allowed. Jesus wanted to cure the man with the withered hand. The scribes and Pharisees said that performing cures was work and work was prohibited on the Sabbath day. Jesus asked them, “Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath - or evil?” To him it would be evil not to do this good act. They didn’t answer. He went ahead and cured the man.

Common sense is often called for. We are to ask ourselves what is the better thing to do - and then do it. Unfortunately, common sense doesn’t seem to be shared equally by all of us. What you think is common sense might seem more like stupidity to me, and vice versa. My common sense might appear absurd to you. What are we to do? Use our common sense, of course.

Laws should not be broken. But since laws are for the common good of the people, when we feel sure that a better good for someone can be done by circumventing the law, something that will not harm anyone else, then I think we should do it. But be prepared. Though you won’t get in trouble with God, you still might get in trouble with the human enforcers of the law. Jesus got in trouble with them and he was the Son of God carrying out God’s will. His common sense seemed like nonsense to them. Life sure is complicated! Make the best of it. Pray for a share in God’s common sense and then use it. Good luck!


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