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Thursday of the Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Instead of picturing yourself as among those that Jesus sends to convert others, consider yourself as one of those to whom others are sent to convert. When I use the word convert, I mean it in the sense of helping to change to the better - assisting or being assisted in spiritual maturing. It is very easy to miss those who are sent to help us, especially if we think we do not need any help with our spiritual growth, and more especially if we think everyone else does.

We are usually so occupied with everyday concerns, routines, schedules, and plans that, when someone new to us or old comes along, we miss out on the good that they bring with them. We miss the opportunity of benefiting from what they have to offer.

We are too busy with other things. We need to realize that nothing happens by chance. It is either permitted or brought about by God. And no matter which, God intends to bring good out of the occurrence.

But we need to be more aware and interested in seeing and benefiting from that good. Otherwise we miss it and are left without a blessing, left in the dust, so to speak, which is all that remains from the occasion.

Notice the people God sends or permits to come into your life. They might have special blessings for you. Don’t miss out on them. Receive them well. You might be receiving God himself.

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