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Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo, Bishop

My dear encountered couples:

Jesus certainly practices what he preaches. He tells us to invite people to dinner who don’t have the means to invite us back. We are to do acts of love for those who are in such positions of need that they will most likely never be able to return the favor. If we do that, then we are like our Father in heaven - because that is what God does towards us everyday.

Ever think of that? You are a person for whom God does many things everyday. You are a person who is unable to repay him. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to balance the scales, even the score, return the favors. But you try, don’t you? That is probably part of the reason you are here at Mass, isn’t it? You want to show your gratitude to God for his goodness to you. And you can be sure that touches him deeply.

Any little effort we put forth to show God our love and gratitude not only never goes unnoticed by God, but even invites more of God’s goodness into our lives. It is impossible to catch up with him. He always stays far ahead of us when it comes to gifts and favors.

Jesus tells us to practice what he preaches. Do things for others who cannot repay us. If we are anything like God at all, if we are people who really love people, then it won’t take much to get us into action. But just so we don’t make anybody feel obligated to us, inferior to us, we should try to do things that the receiver of our love has no idea who did it. That’s a good habit.

Try everyday to do something for someone without letting them know it was you. That’s what God does — and he seems to get away with it. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Give it a try.

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