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Feast of Saint John, Apostle and evangelist

My dear encountered couples:

St. John the Apostle was an eye witness to much of what Jesus said and did the last few years of Jesus’ life on earth. John was loved in a very special way by Jesus and was given the care of Mary, his Mother. By her we believe he was told many of the happenings during the early years. In the first reading this morning John tells us that what he heard, what he saw, what he touched, he wishes to relate to us.

John does this, he says, so that we may share life with him, with all those who were close to Jesus, and especially with our heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. John understands that people who would live in the future would have difficulty in believing all that had happened. He knew eye witnesses were important. And even though we would not know John personally ourselves so that we could be certain he was telling the truth, he wanted to do his best to strengthen our faith.

We should be deeply grateful to John and the many others whose efforts and consideration placed in our possession so much testimony about all that God did and is doing for us. Their dedication in giving their lives to doing this favor for us carries within itself great evidence of the truthfulness of what they say. (Would you go through all the trouble they went through if it were not true?) If we only understood completely the meaning of Christmas and the love of God contained within, our joy, as John prays, would be complete. May you grow in your understanding and appreciation.

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