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Monday after Epiphany

My dear encountered couples:

Though by Church custom the Christmas season continues on through next Sunday, the world of work and school is back to its normal schedule, and any decorations that are not already taken down will soon be put away for another year. About all that remains for many people are pleasant memories and, of course, the bills to pay for them. Happy are those who paid in advance and not by Master Charge Card. Their accounts are already settled.

Jesus tells us: “Reform your lives! The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Sounds like the call for Lent. And Lent is still two months away. Ash Wednesday is late this year, February 26. That makes Easter late, April 19th. Maybe our entrance into eternity will be late too, but whether soon or later Jesus advises we start preparing now. Those who don’t reform and shape up now might find something far worse than a big Master Charge bill awaiting them at the end of the line. I doubt that your bill will be a big one.

I believe you are one who is always working on yourself. And with the help of God you are making progress. You heard long ago the call of Jesus to reform, and you’ve been doing something about it. Maybe you wish you would progress more quickly. Maybe you are often disappointed when you find yourself returning to old ways, to old sinful ways. Let me tell you. Even when you slide back, you are progressing. For you are learning humility. From your falls you are learning more firmly and assuredly that without Christ you just can’t make it. No one can. Reform demands total dependence on God. When you reach that point, your reform is complete. Christmas is over. Now back to the normal. Let us get on with our lives of reform.

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