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Saturday after Epiphany

My dear encountered couples:

No matter how often I read what John the Baptist said about himself, I am inspired by it. But I am also a bit unnerved. In discussing Jesus, John said, “HE MUST INCREASE, WHILE I MUST DECREASE.”

John knew that it was time for him to fade into the background of public notice and eventually disappear completely. His work was done. He had prepared the way for the Messiah and now it was the turn of the Messiah to prepare people for love and heaven.

As I said, I feel inspired by his words. But I also feel disturbed, unnerved by them. It is very difficult for anyone to fade into the background and let someone else take over.

People who establish a successful business find it very hard to let go of the controls and let someone else take over. But it must happen. Parents find it hard to stop deciding for their children and let them make their own decisions, and mistakes. But it must happen. Successful business people and parents must decrease, their successors and children must increase.

Likewise, we all must let Christ take over command of our lives and wills. Not easy, but necessary - a little more every day will do it. When it’s all over and our wills have become one with the will of Christ, we’ll wonder why we didn’t let it happen long ago. Let’s try it. God guarantees we’ll like the results.

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