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Memorial of Saint Agatha

My dear encountered couples:

If Jesus had allowed himself to be influenced by opinions the people of his own town had of him, he might never have left home and saved the world. On a lesser scale that might also be said of us. Though none of us qualify as saviors of world, we all have qualities that make it possible for us to contribute good to the lives of others. Let no one tell you otherwise.

I am sure we all can think of people who have low opinions of themselves. We can see good in them, we suspect they could do a lot for the world, or at least for somebody. But they lack the self-confidence and the courage to do it. For some reason or other they lack the faith in themselves necessary to use the abilities God has given them. Could that be because someone convinced them they are worthless?

When people are told, especially at an early age, that they are clumsy, stupid, incapable of doing anything, they might begin to believe it and never develop the good God has put in them. We should be grateful that never happened to Jesus. I imagine his parents praised him and instilled in him a lot of self-confidence. He had faith enough in himself to accomplish great things in spite of any opinions to the contrary.

“Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?” they said of him. And we are told, “They found him too much for them. Jesus responded: ‘No prophet is without honor except in his native place, among his own kindred, and in his own house.” He left them to “make the rounds of the neighboring villages instead, and spent his time teaching.”

Let us encourage, never discourage, anyone – especially those in our own homes. God has given all of us greatness. Let us not allow anyone to make us afraid to use it.

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