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Memorial of Saint Scholastica, virgin

My dear encountered couples:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to reach out, touch Jesus and be cured of whatever disease you have? How lucky those people were to have lived at that time! I sure hope they didn’t just run off afterwards and start living a sinful life. I hope they listened to his words which contained the power to cure any of their diseases of the soul.

We, though, are more fortunate in many ways. In our being able to look back at Jesus and his times, we have the vantage point of seeing and understanding better the real value of his becoming a human being. One value is that he united himself to humanity, to each and everyone of us. We do not have to run around looking for him. We don’t have to travel to the Holy Land to be where he stood. For he stands right where we are - now! He is with us -here! As truly as he was in visible form 2000 years ago, he is in invisible form here and now. The eyes of Faith tell us so.

We know we touch Jesus when we receive Holy Communion. But since he dwells within us, when we touch ourselves, we touch him. When we touch someone else in whom he lives, we touch him. Your conscious awareness, your belief in this fact can perform wonders upon you and your life. Let it!

Never forget - you always have the opportunity to touch Jesus Christ.

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