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Tuesday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

“The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men who will put him to death; three days after his death he will rise.” Jesus prepares the disciples for the beginning of their first Lent. The following weeks were going to be the toughest they had ever experienced, and he was trying to ready them for it. But their minds were concerned about other things. We find them squabbling over who of them was the most important.

The answer to that was, they were all the most important. Now how can more than one of them be the most important? Simple. In the way each of them was capable in helping Jesus with his work of salvation they were each the most important. Nobody could do that special thing any better than the one who was going to be asked to do it. Each one had special talents to do special things, which made each of them the most important in that particular mission.

Who is most important in the home? The husband or wife? The mother or the father? The oldest child, the youngest, the in-betweens? Are girls more important than boys? Who is most important at the office? The boss or the employees? Which boss, which employee? And in a football game, or basketball - which player is the most important? When it comes right down to it they all are. No one of them could win a game without the others.

No one of us can live a good life nor get to heaven without the help of one another.

“If anyone wishes to rank first,” Jesus said, “he must remain the last one of all, and the servant of all.” I think that bit of wisdom is something good for all of us to think about during Lent. Have a good one. It begins tomorrow, Wednesday – Ash Wednesday.

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