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Saturday of the Fourth Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is telling his disciples that if they know him, they also know his Father. Jesus then tells them that when they see Him, they also see his Father! Philip then speaks up and asks Jesus to “show” them his Father. Then they will believe in what Jesus is saying! Jesus is deeply disappointed that Philip cannot or will not trust his word. Philip wanted proof. He needed to “see” the Father himself. Then and only then would he believe! Jesus sharply reprimands Philip. He says to Philip: “you have been with me for a very long time, yet you do not believe what I say?”

How often do we ask Jesus for proof? At times, we also want Jesus to send us a sign that clearly he is with us! Then we will “know.” Faith and trust are difficult in our human relationships and perhaps even more so in our relationship with God! At least, with human beings we can see, hear and talk with them. We see their facial expressions and their body language. These alone communicate volumes of information to us.

However, we can neither see Jesus, God nor the Holy Spirit. To “believe” without proof is difficult for most human beings. We have the old saying: “the proof is in the pudding.” I assume that most of us like to see and taste our “pudding.” Then we will believe! However, Jesus desires that we believe and trust without “seeing” Him.

Belief and trust in Jesus is challenging, especially during difficult and trying times. At these times, we want to have a tangible sense that Jesus is with us. And once in awhile, we are given a sign of some sort! But most of the times we simply have to trust that Jesus is with us. This is not easy. However, when we are able to trust that Jesus is present with us, then we do have more trust, strength and hope to open our minds and hearts to “seeing” Jesus! Jesus is present with us every moment of every day, always strengthening and gracing us! But, we need to be awake and alert to His presence! Otherwise, we will miss Him!

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