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Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” Today we hear eleven short words from Jesus. Yet in those few words, we receive a powerful message and a loving gift from Jesus. Peace is a short and simple word. Yet, the gift of peace is a great treasure.

Take a moment and remember one of the most peaceful times in your life. It may have been after your wedding or the birth of a baby. Or perhaps it simply was a time in your life when all was well. Even when life is difficult, we still are able to experience moments of peace. It may be sitting quietly. Or perhaps when you are playing with your children or grandchildren. It might be moments in nature when you are surrounded by the beauty and emerging life of spring.

Peace is not something we can manufacture for ourselves. However, we can make choices that help bring us peace. It may be the practice of prayer or talking with a spouse, friend or a counselor. Or it simply may be enjoying nature, being with your family, listening to music or simply rocking in a rocking chair or perhaps when you are quiet and praying.

Peace is a gift from Jesus. And as with any gift, we can choose to accept the gift, neglect the gift or refuse the gift. Jesus longs to gift us with peace! Today will we accept His gift? Will we open our minds and our hearts to this great gift? Jesus is waiting for us!

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