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Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

As the time for Jesus’ ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit draws near, Jesus begins to prepare his disciples for his “leave-taking.” In the middle of the conversation that Jesus was having with his disciples, he tells his followers that he is going to the “One who sent Him.”

Jesus knew that his disciples were struggling with the reality of having to let him go. They had been with him for a long time and they depended on him. What would they do without Jesus? They had left their homes and families to follow Him! The thought of Jesus no longer being with them was more than they could grasp or imagine. Jesus quickly reassures them. True, he will no longer be with them, however, he promises never to leave them alone. He tells them that he will send the Advocate to them. Jesus tells them that it will be better for them if he does leave them. If he stays with them, the Spirit will not come to them.

Imagine what the disciples were thinking and feeling as Jesus talked about leaving them. They had been with him for three years. They had left their families and homes to follow Him. He was their leader and their teacher. The disciples simply could not imagine their lives without Jesus. If He was no longer with them, what would they do?

Ask yourself: what would you do if Jesus was not in your life? Would you miss Him? Or would you even notice his absence? What would you lose if Jesus was not present to you? Seriously, how would his absence affect you? It can become easy to take Jesus’ presence to us for granted. Ask yourself: how would your life be different if Jesus was not present with you? Would you even notice his absence? Yet he promises to always be with us!

Today may we thank Jesus for his faithful love and presence in our lives! It is so easy to take this great gift for granted. May we have open eyes and hearts for the coming of Jesus into our lives today. Be awake and alert! He will come! More accurately: he is already with us!

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