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Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

My dear encountered couples:

Because of the devastating coronavirus pandemic, not so many public speeches will be given today; not so many wreaths will be placed on graves. But today, America is remembering its war dead. Those who freely and with joy entered the armed services to protect our country and us its people, those who were conscripted (drafted) without any choice of their own, those who for any other of many reasons put on the uniform of our country and died in its service, we honor. Without their sacrifices, only God knows where we would be at this moment.

We often take a lot for granted, don’t we? It’s easy to get used to living in a free country where we can walk down the street to the church of our choice and worship God as we wish, to drive to McDonalds and order a Big Mac and fries, then eat it where we want. It’s even easy to think we deserve the good things that we have. Do we ever seriously think of the sacrifices that many people must have made so that we can find ourselves in such fortunate circumstances?

Today, we are reminded to remember them, to honor them, to thank them. We pray for them - that they enjoy an eternity of peace and happiness. We pray to them, for we believe those in heaven are still able to help us on earth. Good deeds for others don’t end with the death of our bodies. We go on loving and doing if we learn how to do it before entering eternity.

That brings us to those among our families and friends who have died. We remember them today too. They might not have given their lives as members of the military but in many ways had their share of combat. Normal life situations often require the strictest of discipline and very much self-control. Many sacrifices are required of everyone. Remember those who have done things for you. And in remembering them, acquire as a part of yourself the good you’ve seen in them. As you’ve no doubt heard, “Imitation is the highest form of praise.”

Someday, it will be your turn to be remembered, honored, thanked, and praised. But for today, we do it of others. Let them live in your mind and heart. Let their good deeds and sacrifices be found in your actions. Let us remember! Let us do good!

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