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Wednesday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

​​ My dear encountered couples:

Jesus just went to a place few would ever go, to see two people who needed His help. One would reject Him and one would beg to go with Him, while the community who rejected these two people also rejected Christ, and demanded His departure.

This is a strange story, as the people who should have marveled at Jesus' ability to heal two people whom they had given up on, saw a divine miracle preformed before them, and benefited by being saved from the torment of the demons, only to demand that He leave. Yet, so many of us do the same thing every day. We may know of the Lord, even experienced His grace, maybe even have served Him for a time, yet, we too, ask Him to go away. We sometimes do not allow Him in all parts and times of our lives. Maybe we let Him in just on Sunday morning, but not on Monday, and definitely not on Friday nights.

How sad it is that as the demons cried out,” this is none of your business,” we too make such heinous proclamations to the very Lord who crossed a storm to redeem us! He who bridged the gap of sin we could never cross, paved the Way for our salvation and sanctification. He allows us to remain in the boat with Him, even calling us to go with Him.

Let us not fall into complacency and arrogance, seeing no need for our Lord, ignoring His call to us, thinking we are all right, because if we are honest, we are not all right! Let us not allow ourselves to be filled with so much busyness that we have no time for Him! Remember, Jesus will not force Himself upon us, as He did not with those village people. The call is given. Our sin has been covered. It is up to us to now follow!

Another thing to consider: Demons are powerful. If we are not watchful, our personal demons will begin to control our lives. At these times, we need to turn to Jesus and beg him to drive out our demons and to once again set us free. We may try to manage our demons on our own. However, most often, they are too powerful for us. We need to turn to Jesus and ask him to cast out our demons or at least help us gain some control over them.

Today I invite you to take a few moments and ask yourself: What are my demons? How are they controlling my life? What is the damage they are doing to me and to the people I care about? Then take a few moments of quiet. Thoughtfully ask Jesus to drive out your demons, to heal you and to free you! Then sit quietly in Jesus’ presence for 5-10 minutes. Take in Jesus’ peace and love. Rest in him! This alone may drive out a few demons!

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