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Feast of Saint Thomas, Apostle

Scriptural Readings: Ephesians 2:19-22; Psalm 117:1bc, 2; John 20:24-29

​​ My dear encountered couples:

Today we celebrate the Feast of Saint Thomas, Apostle. It’s a red vestment day since he was martyred for his faith. Thomas has gotten a bad rap by some because of his incredulity at the testimony of the other apostles that they had seen the risen Christ. In fact, he has often been referred to as “Doubting Thomas.” However, Thomas wasn’t the only apostles who had doubts. When Jesus was about to ascend to the Father, Matthew records that “when they saw him, they worshiped, but they doubted” (Matt. 28:17). These doubts were lifted on Pentecost and the Acts of the Apostles tell us about the faith that carried the Church throughout the world. Tradition tells us that Thomas went to India and preached the gospel there.

We all have a “Thomas” within us. And at times, it is healthy to have a bit of skepticism. Yet, we also need to be open to what we may not understand. However, if we truly trust Jesus to keep his promise that he always is with us, we can let go of our skepticism and doubt. And if we find ourselves asking Jesus for proof that he is with us, may we turn to Thomas and ask him to strengthen our trust that Jesus is always with us- - even when he feels miles away.

Yes, we believe Jesus rose from the dead. But a thought might come into our minds at times, “What if he didn’t?” But we know it is true. We don’t have serious doubts about the resurrection. But maybe we have doubts about other things in our religion. Maybe we don’t always believe what comes from the lips of priests and nuns, pastors and bishops, maybe we even have doubts about some of the things the pope says. Let me comfort you.

The Catholic who doesn’t have doubts about some of the things that come from the lips of his religious leaders is a Catholic who doesn’t think. And a Catholic who doesn’t think is a Catholic who might be brainwashed and brain-dead like members of religious cults who follow their leaders into death. Doubt that leads to serious thinking and seeking of truth is praiseworthy. It is natural and normal for humans to want to know all the truth and nothing but the truth – God made us that way.

When we take in everything, not wanting anything at all verified, there just might be something wrong with us as humans. Blessed are you for believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ without seeing and touching him. But believing without serious doubt all things that come from the lips of your religious leaders is not what Christ had in mind.

Pray over and follow up on what you hear.

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