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Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

My dear encountered couples:

Education is important. Grade school, high school, and college education is more important today than ever before. To make a decent living in today’s world with prices as high as they are, people need to study and learn so they can get high paying jobs.

We need to study and learn our religion too, even if it doesn’t get us a job that pays money. To live wisely we should know as much as we can about God and how we relate to him. To be ignorant of God is like a truck driver who can’t read a road map. We won’t know where we came from, where we are, nor where we’re headed. Knowledge of God and divine things is more than a convenience.

But whether we learn about God in the formal setting of a classroom, or from what we read and hear, there is something required for knowledge of God to really make a difference in our lives. We must be humble! We must realize that only God himself can give us the faith and understanding we need to really know him. No high degree of intellectuality, no amount of formal or informal education, no cleverness or sharpness of mind is going to ensure that we know much of anything worthwhile about God.

To possess wisdom about God and the wisdom of God it is necessary to be open to receive it from God himself. As children look to their parents for knowledge and wisdom about the human things of life, we must look to God our Father for the knowledge and wisdom of the divine things of life.

“Father,” Jesus said,” To you I offer praise; for what you have hidden from the learned and the clever you have revealed to the merest children.” Are we mere children?

Today I invite to you be “child-like,” not childish. Allow your inner child to emerge! You may find that your day will be more relaxed, enjoyable and peaceful!

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