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Friday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Did you plant grass seed in your yard this year? Or flowers? Did you do the same last year? It often happens that the seeds we plant one year don’t grow again the next year. Even with what are called “perennials”, i.e. continuing on year after year, we often find we have to reseed and replant grass and flowers and bushes. For some reason or other, the guaranteed to grow and bloom till the end of time doesn’t always live up to their reputations.

Jesus is sort of saying the same about the seeds of wisdom he plants.

Jesus taught many things that pertain to our moral and spiritual development. We were taught them when we were young, we are often retaught them as we grow older. Shouldn’t one teaching be enough? When God speaks, is anyone really listening? Many of us seem to find that when we first hear the words of Jesus we are filled with enthusiasm and resolve to live them. But something seems to happen that lessens our enthusiasm and weakens our resolve.

Without our even realizing it, we seem to forget what it was Jesus taught us. Or if we do remember, many other things seem more attractive and we set aside his words. So what does God find to be necessary? Teach us all over again! Which is what the Church tries to do by repeatedly repeating the same Gospel lessons over and over.

We are forgetful people, you know. God’s words die in us like grass in our yards, and replanting becomes a necessity. Thus, the parable of the sower whose seeds only germinates for a short time and then die.

Read it often. Is it the story of our lives?

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