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Monday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

Today Jesus gives us the parable of the mustard seed. He tells his disciples (and us) that the Kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed. If you are a gardener, you know how tiny the mustard seeds are. Yet, as this tiny seed grows it matures into one of the largest of all plants! This plant not only provides mustard, it typically becomes the home for many species of birds.

Jesus then tells the disciples another parable. This parable is about the Kingdom of heaven. For the Kingdom of heaven, he uses the analogy of a woman who took yeast and mixed it with three measures of flour. As the yeast worked in the flour, eventually the whole batch of flour was leavened.

In these parables, Jesus is telling us how he, God and the Spirit work within us. However, the first step is having the seed sown within us and allowing it to grow and become leaven within us. Thus, we first have to hear and accept Jesus’ words and teachings. Then we have to take his words to heart!

Jesus’ presence in our lives is dynamic. However, we have to be open to his word and his action in our lives. Mixing three measures of flour with all the other ingredients to make bread takes time, energy and skill. Bread making truly is an art. The ingredients must be measured out, the dough has to be mixed and then kneaded for quite a while. Then it is shaped, put into pans and baked at a fairly high temperature. If the bread maker is not skilled, the bread may be doughy, tough or the texture or taste may not be pleasing.

Jesus is the master bread baker. He has this process down to a fine art. However, we have to be willing participants in this process. First, we have to place ourselves in Jesus’ hands. At times, we also have to trust that even when we are being “kneaded” more than we think we can manage, we have to believe that this kneading will ensure a favorable and tasty outcome for us and for the people in our lives.

Today give thanks for the “mustard seed” and the “bread” that you are. You have the potential for greatness! Trust the master baker! He will not fail you!

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