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Memorial of St. Martha, disciple of the Lord

Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 15: 10, 16-21; Psalms 59: 2-3, 4, 10-11, 17, 18;

John 11: 19-27

My dear encountered couples:

Poor Martha! How many of us remember her as being so overwhelmed with housework that she lost her cool and yelled at the Lord (Luke 10:38-42)? A good hostess, but so uptight!

Is this all we see in Martha? If so, we’re selling her short. More than anything else, we should remember Martha for her audacious confession of faith (John 11:27). Imagine the courage it took to make such a proclamation. Lazarus had been dead four days, and his body had begun to decay. But without understanding what Jesus was about to do, Martha believed. Despite all the evidence of her natural senses, she rose up in faith to grasp the supernatural. Whatever occasional moments of weakness she may have had, Martha was quite a believer!

Martha is proof that even people with less than shining moments are capable of great faith. She teaches us not to downplay the faith and grace all of us were given at baptism. May we never impose limits on ourselves, thinking, “Well, I may not have the faith of Peter or Mary. I guess I should just clean the pews at church and expect nothing more.”

Each one of us can exercise audacious faith. Sometimes this faith emerges out of a crisis, like the death of a loved one, which brings into focus what we truly believe. But it can also grow in ordinary times and opportunities. Even in everyday tasks we can try to find little ways of stepping out in faith and obedience. Even the smallest of these are precious to the Lord.

Nothing is outside of the realm of possibility for those who exercise their faith. Open yourself to experimenting with God’s grace. Give him chances to reveal his goodness. Don’t lower your expectations of what God can do. Allow him to make you a pillar of faith.

“Yes, Lord, I believe in you and in your promises. I will live for you today. Give me the grace to walk in the light and to know many bright, shining moments of faith today.”

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