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Memorial of Saint Claire, Virgin & Religious Founder

My dear encountered couples:

“Unless you become like little children.” I would like to think of Jesus talking about himself as a little child. Not only as a child did Jesus trust his Father to take care of him, he trusted God his Father all his life. No matter what happened, no matter how many surprises God let happen in his life, no matter that Jesus himself might have arranged things differently, he always trusted that his Father knew what he was doing and kept complete confidence in him.

Many of us, to the contrary, might lose trust in God when things do not go as we think they should.

There is total faith and confidence, and there is limited faith. When people we have known for years do things, we would never expect of them, what is our reaction? Rejection or acceptance? Does our faith in them and our friendship go only as far as their doing what we expect of them? Or do we stick with them no matter what they surprise us with?

It can be the same with our relationship with God.

Are our minds made up as to what God can and should do? Or are we open to let him do whatever he wants? “I assure you, unless you change and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of God.” Complete trust in God as our Father is what Jesus is talking about. How far are we from that?

Today we are all challenged to love our world in all its brokenness. To embrace and hold it as a child may be held so tenderly. So many people have given their lives in caring for the sick, and in service for a heathy and better world. Like Jesus, and St. Clare, so many have put others before themselves. Some have died. I heard health care professionals say after long days and hours, “I feel so empty.” They have given their all.

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