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Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

My dear encountered couples:

Today we honor the Queenship of Mary. The Church has acclaimed the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth. And she is deserving of that title. But I wonder if she wants it. Being called a queen might make her more distant in our minds, more un-approachable, more unlike us. You know how queens are thought of.

Someone separated from the people, living in a lavish palace surrounded by a high fence with guards at attention by the gate. The queen inside, dressed in the finest silks and satins, seated in the midst of silver and crystal at a long, sumptuous table of succulent foods and vintage wine. We think of a queen as someone served and preserved and kept away from the people she is queen of. On occasions, she makes grand appearances to lay a wreath, say a few words at a dedication, and wave from her balcony on her birthday as her people cheer and applaud. You know what I mean.

Queens are usually looked upon as sort of nonhuman, by some Americans as pretty useless. I hope those ideas of queens are incorrect; I know they are far from the truth in regard to Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Of all queens, Mary is the last to want honor, acclaim, and satin. She rolls up her sleeves, gets down in the mud with us, and spends her entire day, serving, nursing, and caring for anyone who will let her.

Yes, we honor Mary as Queen, and she rightfully deserves that title, but she is more like a lady in waiting – waiting to serve us hand and foot.

Mary is no make-believe. She is truly the Queen of Queens.

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