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Friday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

My dear encountered couples:

How important are the words of Christ that we find in the gospels? Jesus today gives us the answer to that question. “The heavens and the earth will pass away,” he told his disciples, “but my words will not pass.”

We know how it is with many of the promises made by politicians when they campaign for office. Much of what they say is just a lot of hot air to get your vote. They are just words, nice sounding words, but words that those who utter them soon forget. They are words that never come to fruition; they just pass away with time.

On the other hand, the words of Christ are not like politician’s words at all. What Jesus said will all come true. For those who listen to him and for those who don’t, for those who believe what he said and for those who deny everything about him, all that he said most certainly will come to be. You can bet your soul on it. In fact, that is what you are doing, isn’t it?

Your faith, your principles, your standards, and your life here and in eternity – are based on what Jesus said. You are living the years allotted to you in the manner Jesus told you to live them. At least you are doing your best to do so. What a waste of time that would be if his words were like many of ours - just words that are soon forgotten after we speak them.

How many statements, how many promises, how many wise things do we say that we never act upon? Probably many more than any of us would like to be reminded of. With Jesus it isn’t like that at all. What he says happens! “The heavens and the earth will pass away, but my words will not pass.” I think we had better become very familiar with what Jesus said. We can read it in the gospels.

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